Skim from the text: 2

Skim to find the information.
Copy directly from the textbook without paraphrasing.
Objective: find answers quickly.

All questions come from Pathways: Civilizations through Time by Michael Cranny (Prentice Hall, 1998).

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p. 8
1. When did the Muslims conquer Spain?
2. When did the Goths destroy Rome?

p. 9
1. What is a word that means culture passed along?
2. From what culture do we get the concept of domes?
3. Which culture had the most influence in Europe during th early Middle Ages?
4. What 3 qualities allowed more and and more people to live around the Mediterranean Sea?
5. What is philosophy?
6. When did the Romans conquer the Greeks?

p. 10
1. What architectural feature formed the northern boundary of the Roman Empire?
2. What language was spoken by the ancient Romans?
3. How many people could sit in the Roman Colosseum?
4. What Canadian law is based on Roman laws?

p. 11
1. What two demands did Romans make of conquered people?
2. What two groups of people were denied citizenship?
3. In what year did the Goths conquer Rome?
4. Who were the Goths?
5. What language did they speak?
6. What does C.E. stand for?
7. What are internal forces?
8. What are external forces?

p. 12
1. What did ‘barbarian’ originally mean?
2. What does ‘barbarian’ mean today?
3. What do we call Gaul today?
4. What were four consequences of the end of the Roman Empire?
5. When did the last Roman emperor lose power?
6. When did Charlemagne become emperor? the Greeks?

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