Novel Analysis Essay

An Essay on a Novel
Write a 6-paragraph essay using this outline:

A. Write an introduction for your novel:

Title by Author (publisher, date) is a story of ____________ , ________ and ___________________ . Set in location during time, it describes brief description of plot and problem.

An example: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (Yearling Newbery, 1962) is a story of magic, determination and hope. Set in an American town during the blooming flowers of early spring, it describes the experiences of fifteen-year-old Meg Murry who decides to accompany three elderly strangers on a journey through time and space to try to save her dad. (Ryan)

B. Write a paragraph describing the three most important qualities of the main character.

Explain why those qualities were most important in shaping the character’s life. Include information about the physical appearance of the character. Include a topic sentence, concluding sentence and at least three quotations with page numbers as evidence of the character’s qualities.

An example: There are three qualities that helped Jesper succeed: bravery, love and self-control.  In all his acts of sabotage against the Nazis, bravery was shown even though he said, “I really wasn’t scared” (3). “My gun at the ready, I ran toward the boat…” (101). Love was shown in his behaviour towards his family and friends. He asked his mother, “…’are you all right?’” (3) and comforted Stefan after Janicke was shot by saying, “’You couldn’t have done anything’” (149). Finally, self-control helped Jesper stop himself from doing things he might later regret. So even though he felt “…like screaming in frustration”, he stopped himself by thinking of Janicke (164). He said once that tears “sprang to my eyes, but I tried not to cry” (149). All these qualities – bravery, love and self-control – helped Jesper accomplish many things.  (Yasmine)

C. Write a paragraph explaining the end of the story.

The ending is an emotive noun. Summarize what happens in one sentence using a quotation from the book.  Things could have turned out differently, though, if explain what the character could have done to create a different ending.  I think that give your opinion of the ending using quotations as evidence.

D. Write a paragraph telling what you think the life lesson is in the story.

Tell the life lesson, or theme, in one sentence
. This is shown over and over in the story. Give several examples from the story, smoothly including quotations in your own sentences. I think that give your opinion of the theme in one sentence.

E. Write a paragraph about the style of writing.

This well-written story incorporate several stylistic techniques to help make it memorable. Alliteration is used: “__________” (__), “__________”  (__), “__________” (__). Similes and metaphors are used: “__________” (__), “__________” (__), “__________” (__).  And unique words and expressions enliven the writing: “__________” (__), “__________” (__), “__________” (__). All these literary devices helped to make this story one I will remember for a long time.

F. Write a paragraph in conclusion.

Title is a adjective novel. It descriptive phrase.  Readers who like stories about phrase and who have enjoyed Title by Author and Title by Author, will also enjoy this modern classic by Author.

1. Place the quotation marks and punctuation in the correct places.
2. Include the page numbers in parentheses in the correct places.
3. Do your work very neatly in blue/black ink or on a computer.

1. All six paragraphs neatly and accurately completed in essay format.
2. All work in correct English.

[This page may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2011 Sophie Rosen.]

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton (Penguin Group, 1997) is a story of war, friendship and belonging. Set in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the fall of 1965, it describes the experiences of Ponyboy and Jonny who decide to run away after killing a Soc.
Ponyboy is open-minded. He is willing to learn, and so he becomes a better person. Even at the beginning of the story, he likes reading. When he reads Great Expectations, the main character ¬- Ponyboy – reminds him of himself. He likes to imagine he is right in the movie he’s watching. In his mind he compares himself to Paul Newman (1). So when he is at the movie theatre, he talks to a girl named Cherry, a Socs girlfriend, and she tells him that Socs are people too and that things are bad all over, he believes her (22); he can imagine what it is like. Ponyboy, at the beginning, thinks that the Socs are different than the Greasers. But by the end, after Jonny dies, he becomes a better person.
By the end, after Jonny dies, Ponyboy gets to stay with his brothers and the rumble doesn’t kill anybody. He was worried about that. He also realized that no matter what, if you are rich or if you are poor, everybody has problems and that the Greasers are the same as Socs, just poor, not rich.
Hinton does a good job of telling the story using good vocabulary. Some examples are “her hardest hue to hold” (77),  “natures first green is gold” (77) and “ so dawn goes down to day” (77). These literary devices helped to make this story one I will remember for a long time.
The Outsiders is an amazing novel. It makes you think about life, Readers who like stories about gangs and friendship, and who have enjoyed Middle Row by Eric Wilson, will also like this modern classic by S.E Hinton.   (Josh in grade eight)

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