Ch. 12 W. to C.

A. Read to the end of chapter 12 in Word to Caesar.

B. Review the story so far by working in your group to correctly sequence these events:

___ Paul discovers he cannot go into the army because of his injured arm.
___ Paul boards a ship for Italy.
___ The emperor tells Paul that he needs to find evidence of Severus’s innocence.
___ Paul is the only survivor after a Pictish attack on a British fort in northern England.
___ Paul is captured by Calvus and held prisoner.
___ Paul flees to a coastal fort where he is rescued by Severus, a Roman poet.
___ Paul escapes his locked cell by cutting a hole in a window and jumping into a river.
___  Paul reaches Rome and finds a place to stay.
___ Paul declines the opportunity to marry Veranius’s daughter Julia despite the chance to secure his future.
___ Severus asks Paul to travel to Rome to deliver a letter to the Roman emperor.
___ Paul is forced to give up the letter, his proof that Severus has sent him to the emperor.
___ Paul is almost killed by a lion before being rescued by a famous charioteer.
___ Paul finally meets the emperor at a Roman bath place.


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