World Travels

Practice your research skills by taking trip around the world!

You start your world trip in North America on the west coast right beside the ___________ Ocean.  You cross the ________ River in Vancouver, going over the Port Mann Bridge, and head east through British Columbia. Before you reach Alberta, you are in the ___________ Mountains, the longest mountain range in N.A. The tallest mountain in this range is Mt. ________ but it’s up in Alaska and you won’t be going that far north.  Instead, you keep heading east through the three prairie provinces, ___________, ___________ and ___________, to the province of Ontario. If you went north, you’d come to the largest bay in the world, ___________ Bay and the cold ___________ Ocean, but instead you keep going east until you reach the five __________ Lakes.  Connecting these lakes to the ___________ Ocean is the St. ___________ River, but you decide to head south into the U.S.A. You travel south to the American capital of __________________ and head to the longest river on the continent, the ________________ River. Continuing south, you reach the Gulf of _________ and the _______________ Sea.
You get on a ship and cruise southwest to the ___________ Canal which joins the ___________ and ___________ Oceans. You are are now ready to continue south along the west coast of South America.

the Fraser River in Canada
the Fraser River in Canada

While travelling along the coast, you listen to a talk about the famous sites of South America. There’s the longest mountain range in the world, the _________ Mountains. There’s the tallest waterfall, _________ Falls. There’s the river with the most volume of water, the _________ River. There’s a desert, the ____________Desert. You also hear about snakes you don’t want to meet – the _______________ and the _____________ – and flesh-eating fish called a _________ .  By the time you go through the _________ Straits and the _________ Passage and round the southern tip of the continent, you are ready for a continent that doesn’t have such dangerous creatures.

Antarctica has exactly ________ countries. Research scientists live there and only a few tourists gets to visit there every year. Most of them arrive on cruise ships like the one you’re on. By the time you’ve crossed the iceberg-littered waters and arrived at the edge of the continent, you’ve already seen many sea creatures such as ________ , ________ and ________, all of which eat ________. Before you land, your guide on board the ship tells you that ______ % of the continent is covered with ice and ____ % of all the world’s ice is found in Antarctica. In fact, _____ % of all the world’s fresh water is found on this continent, mainly in form of ice, of course. Underneath all that ice are about ______ subglacial lakes, the largest of which is Lake ________ . Despite the freezing conditions, the lakes don’t completely freeze up due to heat from the earth and the pressure of the icepack on top.  No large creatures live on this continent, though. The largest is only a little over a centimetre in size and is a ___________________ . The only plants are ________ , ________ and ________ . Leaving this cold continent you head north, the only way you can go from the South Pole.

AFRICA   /10
The first country you come to on this continent is the one at the southern tip, ________________ with its capital city of Pretoria.  You decide to travel by land through Africa in order to enjoy seeing all the spectacular sights.   There’s a beautiful waterfall called _____________ . There’s the tallest mountain on the continent, a volcanic mountain called Mt. _____________ . There’s the longest river in the whole world, the _________ , and the biggest desert, the _____________ Desert, filled with sand dunes. In the rainforests are various animals such as _____________. On the grasslands, called _____________ in Africa, there are animals such as _____________ and _____________ . This is a spectacular continent and when it is time to leave, you cross a narrow sea to the northeast called the _________ Sea and you are in Asia.

ASIA   /18
As soon as you are in Asia, you come to a desert in Saudi Arabia called the _________ Desert. Then you cross the Persian Gulf and come to a country where American troops are now stationed called _________ . There are two major rivers in this country, one of which is the ____________.  Heading east, you come to Afghanistan where Canadian troops are stationed. The capital city of Afghanistan is _________ . Continuing east, you come to Pakistan with its major river called the _________ . You are now near Mt. Everest and the tallest mountain range in the world, the _____________ . To the south is the country with the second greatest number of people in the world: _________ with its capital of New Delhi. A major river in this country is the holy river called the _________ . North of that huge mountain range is the country with the most people in the whole world, _________ with its capital of _________ . There’s a gravelly desert in the northern portion called the _________ Desert. if you go east, instead, you come to an ocean called the _________ and a small country formed from three main islands. This country known for its cherry festivals and beautiful Mt. Fuji is _________ and has a capital city called _________ . If you get a ship here and head north, you will come to the  _________ Sea that once was dry land so that people and animals could cross from Asia to North America. You are going to head west, though, in an icebreaker and go along the coast of the _________ Ocean until you come to the mountain range that separates Asia and Europe. This range is called the _________ Mountains and continues south to the Caspian Sea. Then there’s a short mountain range called the _________ Mtns. before you reach the Black Sea. West of these two mountain ranges lies Europe.

 the beginning of the Jordan River in Asia
the beginning of the Jordan River in Asia

EUROPE     /12
Europe is known for its many tourist attractions. There is the country on the Mediterranean Sea known for its Parthenon and Acropolis; it’s called _________ and has a capital city of _________ . Then there’s the country of Italy with it’s capital of _________ and two major rivers including the _________ . North of Italy are the _______ Mountains and the country of Germany with its capital of _________ . Heading west is France, with a capital of _________ and the River _________ . Across the English Channel is Great Britain with its capital _________ and the River _________ .  The largest country in the world in terms of area is in both Europe and Asia. It’s called _________ and has _________ as its capital.

the Parthenon in Athens, Greece
the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

OCEANIA     /8
Finally, we’ll fly across the world to go back and visit the smallest continent, Oceania. The biggest country in this continent is _________ with its capital of _________ . There are wild dogs called _________ in this country and the biggest coral reef in the world, called the ________________________ . The biggest city in this country once hosted the Olympic Games and is called _________ . The second biggest country in this continent is called ______________ and is formed of two main islands. On the north island is the biggest city called ____________ and the capital city called _____________ .

REVIEW    /10
We’ve now visited very continent. The biggest one was _______ and the smallest was ______________ . The four major oceans were the _________, the _________ , the _________ and the _________ . The tallest mountain was Mt. _________ and the longest river was the _________ . The largest country in area was _________ and the largest in population was _________ .

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