Appositives are an easy way to add excitement to sentences!

Simply insert some descriptive details after a noun.
Add commas before and after the details.


Mountain biking, insane and incredible with bikers boosting off of jumps the size of buses, is exhilarating. (Dane)

Shrek, big fat Shrek, strong and ugly, is loudly roaring like a furious tiger. (Anton)

My dog, my psychotic, entertaining and energetic dog who adores running, digging and playing, is as hyper as a child. (Michael)

Biking, filled with jumps and dangerously steep hills and massive drops and more jumps, is as exhilarating as flying. (Josh R.)

Shopping, a great way to spend free time, is my favourite thing to do and is as addicting as eating a sweet candy. (Agnes)

Skiing, filled with steep slopes and gnarly jumps, is extremely fun. (Nick R.)




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