Blaine’s Way


Blaine’s Way by Monica Hughes

 A. Before you read, assess the reliability.  Write a 100 – 200 word paragraph answering these questions:

Are there any companies or people who recommend the novel or the author? (Check the dustcover or back cover and copy recommendations and awards.)Who is the author?    What is the background of the author? (Look at the inside of the back cover or the back cover itself.  Use your own general knowledge. Copy, using quotation marks, or use your own words.)

B. Before you read, assess the physical style of the book.  Write a 100-200 word paragraph answering these questions:

What is the size and style of the font? How big are the margins?  How much space is there between the lines?  Will your eyes be comfortable reading this book?How long is the book?  How long do you think it will take you to read it?  How many pages do you need to read per day in order to make sure you can finish it in time?

C. As you read the book, notice the quality of the language. Copy at least 5 examples of each of these, including page numbers for each example:

five senses details

powerful words  


similes and metaphors and personification

D. As you read, make a list of all the problems Blaine faces in the story. Tell how how responds to each problem.

E. As you read, notice a positive value and how it is shown in the story: e.g. kindness, honesty, perseverance, hope, determination, empathy.   Write a 200 – 400 word paragraph with at least 3 examples, including page numbers, from the story.

F. After you read the story, tell how it relates to yourown experiences or to issues in the world today. Write a 200-400 word paragraph.

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