A “Genre” is a category, a type, or a kind of literature.

There are many ways to organize books, so there are also many genres. 

1. FICTION  (novels or picture book stories with imaginary characters)
2. NONFICTION (true stories of real people, places, things or ideas)
3. PLAYS (a story written for a stage performance)
4. POETRY (words arranged in a metrical pattern to create an effect)
5. FOLKTALES (anonymous stories that were first told rather than written)


1. Animal (the main character is an animal that behaves as an animal rather than a human)

2. Historical (the story was set in the past)

3. Realistic (the story could happen today and focuses on problems common in our society)

4. Fantasy (the story could never have happened and never will happen)

5. Science fiction (the story could happen in the future)

6. Adventure (the story focuses on a journey or survival in the outdoors)

7. Mystery (the story focuses on characters who try to solve a crime or unexplained event)


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