Alphabet Collage

Make an eye-catching design using a letter of the alphabet!


1. Choose a letter.

2. Decide whether you will use the upper-case or lower-case form of the letter.

3. Decide whether you will use the cursive or printed form of the letter.

4. Choose the paper you will use.

Consider the weight of paper: wrapping paper, construction paper, photocopier paper…
Consider the colour of paper: red on a green background, yellow on a purple background…

5. Carefully draw and cut out a tracer from cardboard or poster paper.

6. Cut out approximately 20 copies of your letter from your chosen paper.

7. Lay out your letters on background paper.

Consider elements of art: symmetry, centre of attention, balance…

8. Carefully glue your letters on your background.

9. Share your artwork with someone who will appreciate your creativity and craftsmanship.


collages courtesy of Sarah and Josh

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