Vocabulary Directions

Procedure for Completing Vocabulary Sheets

Match the word to the definition:

1. Read the word on the vocabulary sheet.

2. Find the definition in a textbook or dictionary.

3. Go back to your vocabulary sheet.

4. Read through all the definitions on the sheet.

5. Infer the correct meaning by finding the definition that most closely matches the definition in your book.

6. Take out your piece of lined paper.

7. Write the vocabulary word and copy the correct definition from your worksheet.

If you get stuck,…

1. skip a word and keep going.

2. When you are finished the vocabulary sheet, go back and try the words which were difficult.

3. You now have fewer definitions from which to choose, so you should find it easier to infer.

High achievers, do more:

1. Add a small coloured illustration for each word.

2. Write the word in a sentence.

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