Country Project


Goal: to produce a PowerPoint presentation on a country with which you are not already familiar.



  1. What are the key features of physical and human geography?
  2. How do people meet their basic needs?
  3. How do people express their thoughts and feelings?
  4. How do people organize themselves?


Curricular Competencies:

  1. Did you use at least 6 print sources of information?
  2. Did you use at least 6 nonprint sources of information?
  3. Did you use primary sources of information?
  4. Did you check that your sources were reliable before using them?
  5. Did you use coloured note cards to record your information?
  6. Did you take at least 60 notes in total?
  7. Did you take at least 20 notes for each question?
  8. Did you sequence your notes in a logical order?
  9. Did you use your notes to write your own nonfiction narrative?
  10. Did you include powerful verbs in your writing?
  11. Did you include figures of speech in your writing?
  12. Did you keep rewriting your work until the conventions were perfect?
  13. Did you use illustrations or photos that were in the public domain?
  14. Did you organize your presentation in a logical order?
  15. Did you use an artistic design that suited your topic?
  16. Did you use a font size, style, and colour that was easy for viewers to read?
  17. Did you include a correctly formatted bibliography at the end of your presentation?
  18. Did you keep all your notes and your bibliographic information in a duotang as evidence of our research process?


Core Competencies:

  1. Did you meet the deadlines set by your teacher?
  2. Did you keep working cheerfully even when the project became difficult?
  3. Did you manage your frustrations without becoming unkind or critical of other people, including your family?
  4. Did you help other students without becoming irritated?
  5. Did you compliment the work of other students to encourage them?
  6. Did you change your mind about how to do the project as you learned more information?
  7. Did you notice connections between what you learned and what you already knew beforehand?
  8. Did you notice more than one way to organize your presentation?
  9. Did you prepare an organized and memorized speech to accompany your presentation?
  10. Did you speak at an appropriate volume and speed and carefully enunciate your words during your presentation?
  11. Were you able to calm your body when you felt nervous or anxious?


Saudi Arabia by Agam

China by Gurmuskaan

Poland by Gunit

The Assignment: A Research Project on a Country

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