Relationships are more enjoyable when people show appreciation.
But people express gratitude in different ways.

Take this little quiz to find out what makes you feel appreciated.
Rank them in order – from 1 to 5 – to show which are most meaningful to you at this time in your life.
(You can always change your mind tomorrow.)

_____ When people tell me they’re grateful for what I do, when they tell me in words that they like me and enjoy having me around. (Words)

_____ When people give me their undivided attention and spend time just with me. (Attention)

_____ When people give me little gifts, not necessarily big or expensive things but tangible things that I can see and touch or taste. (Gifts)

_____ When people voluntarily help out with tasks that need to be done. (Help)

_____ When people pat me on the back or give me a hug or sit beside me. (Touch)


Ask close friends or family members to rank these ways of showing appreciation to show which are most meaningful to them.

Click HERE for books and quotations about gratitude.

Now go express your appreciation for someone!

Five Love Languages of Teenagers

To learn more about appreciation and relationships, read The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman (Northfield Publishing, 2005).

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