Annotated Bibliography I

Independent Reading Project

I. Use a duotang to organize your work as follows:
A. Marking Rubric
B. Bibliography of all books read during the term.
C. Numbered annotations or responses.

II. Bibliographic Format

A. Entries
    1. Use this format:
            Author’s last name, first name. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, year of copyright.
    2. If you need to use a second line, indent by three spaces.

B. Overall organization
    1. List the entries in alphabetical order by the author’s last
        name.  If you have more than one book by the same
        author, group them together but put them in alphabetical
        order within the group using the title.
    2. Put your annotations in the order you read the books. In each case, put your best version first.
    3. Make sure you start with a cover page that shows the following
        information: your full name, your division, a title –  Independent Reading    

Marking Rubric: Independent Reading Project Grade 6


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