Make a Tesselation

 Create a collaged tesselation!

1. Cut out, from cardboard, a 8 – 10 cm. square.

2. Cut and tape to make a more interesting shape that will tesselate.

a. Cut a piece out of one side, slide it to the opposite side, and tape it to that edge.
b. Cut another piece from an adjacent side, slide it to the opposite side, and tape it to that edge.
c. Test that it tesselates by tracing it onto a scrap piece of paper several times, making sure there are no gaps or overlaps.
d. Write ‘top’ on the top of your tracer so that you don’t accidentally confuse the two sides when you start cutting out your shapes.

Watch how to make a ‘tracer’.

3. Find old magazines, calendars, pieces of coloured paper, wall paper or wrapping paper.

4. Choose a theme: animals, colours, nature, people, clothing…

5. Use your tracer to cut out 30-40 shapes.

6. Choose one piece that is the most eye-catching or one that would make a good focal point.

7. Arrange your other pieces around it to create flow: a feeling of movement.
a. If there are faces, they should face the centre.
b. If there are colours, similar colours could be grouped together or be arranged to create a pattern.

8. Glue the pieces onto a large piece of paper so that the shapes do not overlap or leave any spaces.

9. Cut off the parts of the pieces that go over the edge.

10. Put your full name and division number on the back.



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