Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders of the World:
A PowerPoint Presentation


What: a collection of photos of natural world wonders (at least 30 photos per person in group)

Why: it is easier to remember places if you have a picture of it in your mind; it’s also more fun!

When: due on ______

Who: by yourself, with a partner, or in a group of three (your choice)


What: photos must be of natural geographical features and not human-made places or structures

How: each slide must include one natural wonder with its name

How: in the comment section, each slide must give the exact URL source of the photo

How: the last slide should show a list of all the URLs in the order they appear in the presentation

How: use a logical system of organization that is easy for viewers to understand (e.g. by continent, by geographical feature such as rivers, oceans and seas, mountains…)


Where: this is an independent project to be done outside of class

How: on a computer that allows your slide presentation to be show

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