Web Site Evaluation


There are so many web sites on the internet! How can you decide if you have found a good site to use? Ask yourself some questions . . .


Who wrote the pages on the web site?
Do you think the author is qualified?
Can you contact the person who wrote the pages?
Is there any organization associated with the author?
Do you think any associated organization is trustworthy?
Is there a sponsor?
Does the author cite any sources for the information on the web site?
Is there any information that you think is wrong?
Are the pages written using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling?


What is the purpose of the site?
Are there any words or graphics that cause you to believe that the primary purpose of the site is to sell you something?
Does the site give you the information you need?
Is there enough information?
Can you tell when the site was last updated?
Is it important that the information be up-to-date?
Could you find the information more easily in an encyclopedia or book?
Could you find the information more easily on another web site?


Does the web site load quite quickly?
Is the font easy to read?
Is the size of print easy to read?
Do the graphics convey an appropriate mood?
Are there headings that help you find information?
Can you easily go between pages on the site?
Are there any links to other useful sites?
Do the links work?


If you find a web site that you think is especially useful for students, please let Ms. Rosen know about your discovery.

[This page may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2008 Sophie Rosen.]

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