A Memory

Write Nonfiction: A Personal Recollection Planning Sheet

For inspiration,

read stories based on the author’s life –  HERE –

and picture book memoirs – HERE.

A. Pick an approximately two-hour time period in your life:
B.  Remember the 5-senses details:
            1. Sights:
            2. Sounds:
            3. Smells:
            4. Touch:
            5. Tastes:
C. Remember the action:
            1. What:
            2. Where:
            3. Who:
            4. When:
            5. Why:
            6. How:
D. Remember the emotional feelings:
E. Figure out why this time stands out in your memory:
F. Write a draft. 
            1.  Do not use any emotional words. Only show them.
            2. Do not tell why this stands out in your memory. Only show what happened.
            3. Include figures of speech and strong verbs.

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