Creech, Sharon

Absolutely Normal Chaos (AR 4.7)
Bloomability (AR 5.2)
The Castle Corona (AR 5.5)
Chasing Redbird (AR 5.0)

A Fine, Fine School (AR 3.3)
Fishing in the Air (AR 3.4)
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup (AR 4.2)

The Great Unexpected
Heartbeat (AR 5.0)
Love That Dog (AR 4.5)
Pleasing the Ghost (AR 3.0)
Replay (AR 4.2)
Ruby Holler (AR 4.3)

The Unfinished Angel (AR 4.4)
Walk Two Moons (AR 4.9)
The Wanderer (AR 5.2)
Who’s That Baby (AR 3.3)

Sharon Creech was born in Ohio on July 29, 1945.
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The Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech (Joanna Cotler Books, 2009) is a heart-felt novel about a confused angel who is assigned to watch over the people in a small town in Switzerland. When new people come from America, a small girl – Zola – sees the angel and starts to control her. This poor angel starts to feel that she is an unfinished angel who is lost and an awful guardian. Will she realize she is a real angel before it’s too late? You’ll have to read the story to find out. But I can tell you this was an amazing story that I recommend to anyone looking for a soul healing novel. (Andriana in grade eight)

The Unfinished Angel

Creech, Sharon. The Unfinished Angel. HarperCollins, 2009.
Life triumphs over grief in all of Creech’s novels. Mysteries abound. And this new novel is no exception. In the Swiss Alps, Zola moves with her father into an old stone house and meets an angel who narrates the story: “What is my mission? I think I should have been told. I have been looking around in the stone tower of Casa Rosa, waiting to find out” (p. 2). This angel is as confused about life as anyone: “Maybe you think I should just fly up to heaven and ask some questions, but it is not that easy. I do not know where heaven is nor where the angel training center is nor where any other angels are. And yes, I have looked” (p. 19). But when Zola decides to help some homeless orphans, everyone in the village starts to find new purpose and happiness.  Humorous and lively, this hopeful and easy-to-read story is sure to be enjoyed by imaginative readers of all ages. (Ms. Rosen)


 Replay by Sharon Creech (Joanne Cottler, 2005) is an excellent novel about a young Italian boy growing up in a large family in which he feels almost invisible because he has three siblings with busy schedules. Contento, the oldest and only girl, is an amazing soccer player. Pietro, the oldest boy, is all about football. The youngest, Nunzio, enjoys singing and has a wonderful voice. Then there is Leo, right in the middle. Leo is an actor, so when he doesn’t get the main role in a school play and finds out he is playing the part of an old woman instead, he is upset. While rummaging through his attic, he stumbles upon an old, dusty journal about his father’s past. After reading it, he discovers many interesting things that he had not known. By the end of the book, Leo realizes that there are many important things in life, and one of the of the most important things is being part of a family. (Yamine in grade eight)

Creech, Sharon. The Great Unexpected. New York: Joanne Cotler Books, 2012.
[Ireland; Foster children; Orphans; Poverty; Inheritances; Forgiveness; Friendship; Humorous stories; Magic]


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