New Website!

Looking for a great new website about books and reading
for students in elementary and middle school?

Try SlimeKids!

The creator, Andy Fine, has a master’s degree in teaching,  and writes, “SlimeKids was created to provide students with a playful, easy-to-use interface through which they could learn about and access valuable online resources. The website is designed to self-motivate students to make their own choices and judgements about what is most useful for them. One important aspect of SlimeKids is that it helps students to explore their interest in books and reading, which has been the main goal of my career. SlimeKids is an interactive website through which students can read, search, watch videos and play language arts-related games.”

Take a look at a book trailer for . . .  Touching Spirit Bear

Take a look at a game . . .  Verb Viper

Take a look at all the links to reference materials and authors’ websites . . .

Have fun!

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