Just for today…

Just for today,…

read the news or watch it on television.

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Build Pipelines

“Things just happen, one after another. They don’t care who knows. But history… ah, history is different. History has to be observed. Otherwise it’s not history. It’s just… well, things happening one after another.” – Terry Pratchett

Private Clinics Yes

“Dates are convenient hooks on which we can hang our memories of events. But history is all about people – people like you and me who did things to change the world.” – Joan Lowery Nixon, Nightmare

Elected Senate Yes

“Why were you lurking under our window?”
“Yes – yes, good point, Petunia! What were you doing under our windows, boy?”
“Listening to the news,” said Harry in a resigned voice.
His aunt and uncle exchanged looks of outrage.
“Listening to the news! Again?”
“Well, it changes every day, you see,” said Harry.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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