Learning to write paragraphs

Dear Reader,

In school, you will often be asked to write a quick paragraph. You may be given a topic or asked to write on a topic of your choice. What is an formula you can use to produce a paragraph in just a few minutes?

Try this formula:

  1. Topic sentence.
  2. First reason with examples or evidence.
  3. Second reason with examples or evidence.
  4. Third reason with examples or evidence.
  5. The topic sentence again but reworded so it sounds more dramatic.

Here’s an example by a sixth grade student:

“I love desserts. Firstly, they are beautiful to look at. Desserts can be colourful and can include really bright colours. Designs on them such as swirls and decorations can also make them pleasing to look at. Secondly, desserts are tasty. They can include mixtures of flavours such as sweet and sour. They also have different temperatures so that if you are feeling cold, you can hot desserts and if you are feeling hot, you can eat cold desserts. Some desserts can even be long-lasting, such as frozen yogurt and ice cream, which can fill you taste buds for a longer  time than other desserts. And most importantly, desserts make me happy. They can be eaten on celebrations or at any other happy event. Desserts can satisfy your tongue with flavours which can be very delightful. They can also calm your body if you eat something spicy or are tired in general. Desserts are the best way to make your life better.” Jashan 

Here’s another example:

“I like candy. Firstly, candy is beautiful to look at. For example, the bright pink colour on bubble gum is pretty to look at, and the design on cold chocolate swirl ice cream is cool. Secondly, candy is tasty. For example, sweet and sour gummy bears wake my taste buds up. Jaw breakers are long-lasting, so I can savour the taste for a long time. Lastly, candy makes me happy. For example, the sugar in Hershey bars makes me excited. The colour of confetti ice cream makes me think of celebrating my birthday. All candies are tasty and they make me happy!” Rabia

Practice this sort of formula writing until it easy. Then you’ll be ready for writing paragraphs in grade seven and eight.

Have fun writing and eating!

Ms. R.   

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