Who is a great author?

Here are answers from sixth-graders:

“I really like Jeff Kinney’s series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He provides a good amount of pictures, and the writing in his books is not the printer writing. He uses a different font, which helps because it can get tiring to see the same typing in all books. Jeff Kinney’s books are also relatable, which I like.” – Ravneet

“I like Rick Riordan’s books because his books are funny, crazy, and have enough mythology to give you a headache to memorize them. He writes about Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Egyptian mythology, and then a Greek-Egyptian mix. I can only memorize Zeus, Hades, Neptune, Venus, Apollo, Horus, Hermes, Demeter and a few more. I have read almost all his books.”  – Japvir   

“I like the author Rachel Renee Russell for a few reasons! Firstly, the books don’t have too much writing in them, and the font is easy and big enough to read. Secondly, the books are very interesting: they are about two middle-schoolers who don’t like each other, which is an experience I’ve gone through, and I honestly like reading about something I’ve experienced; I just like seeing others’ opinions or how they would handle something I have gone through.” – Sunmeet

“Eric Wilson makes the writing very interesting and sometimes slows down time.” – Mehtab

What stories make time slow down for you?

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