A Literary Analysis

The Hockey Sweater

Another Literary Analysis by Keenan in grade 8

A. Citation/Bibliography Entry

Carrier, Roch. The Hockey Sweater. New York: Tundra Books, 1984.

B. Reliability

I know this author to be reliable because he is one of Canada’s best-known authors, with more than 30 books to his credit.  He was also the first writer to head the Canada Council, the country’s major arts funding agency. This classic Canadian picture book is based on an original short story that became an animated short film.

C. Category

The category of the story is main character because this story is about a boy who gets the wrong sweater.  All of Roch’s friends have Montreal red, white and blue sweaters, while he has a despised Toronto white and blue sweater.  The reason he does not want to wear the Toronto white and blue sweater is because he lives in Montreal and the Montreal Canadiens always beat the Toronto Maple Leafs.  This story is about a boy named Roch and how he is determined to get rid of that Toronto white and blue sweater.

D. Short Annotation

Roch, a 10 year old boy living in Montreal, has to decide whether to keep his Toronto white and blue sweater or to give it back to Monsieur Eaton.  This 22-page picture book written from the first person point of view, shows that you should appreciate gifts even if you don’t like them.  Recommended for readers 8 years old and up.

E. Point of View: First Person

  • I was crying” (11).
  • So, I had to wear…” (11).
  • When I arrived at the…” (13).

F. Tense: Past

  • We were ten players all wearing the uniform of Montreal…” (3).
  • I was crying” (11).
  • “”there were already five players on the ice.” (15).

G. Literary Excellence       

  • Alliteration:
  • …whenever we…” (5).
  • …worn the red, white…” (9).
  • …want to wear…” (9).
  • …to take…” (11).
  • …captain came…” (11).
  • Repetition:
  • …to write to…” (9).
  • …you try it, you…” (7).
  • …she did what she…” (5).
  • …skating-rink-but our real life was on the skating-rink” (1).
  • “…next hockey game, lay out our next…” (1).
  • Powerful Verbs:
  • “This is persecution!” (15).
  • Short Sentences:
  • “How could we forget that?” (3).
  • “This is persecution!” (15).
  • “That was to much!” (15).
  • “I shouted” (15).
  • “I was crying” (11).
  • Appositives: 
  • “…places – the school, the church and the skating-rink – but…” (1).

H. Connection

My connection to The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier is text to self.

This book reminds me of a time when I was required to wear a baseball uniform and jersey that I did not want to wear.  I was 10 years old and being drafted into the Major Division in my baseball league.  I didn’t want to wear the blue Dodgers uniform and jersey because I knew there was a boy on the team who had bullied me the previous year.  I also did not know how the coaches would be, so I was not happy about the decision to place me on the Dodger team.  I was upset and angry and even considered quitting.  When I told my parents they explained that we could tell the coaches that I did not want to be on the team. However, they added, the next year I might not get the same opportunity.  This made me realize that I should have been thankful I had been drafted by the Dodger team coaches.  Similarily, in the picture book, Roch did not like the Toronto white and blue jersey and wanted to return it to Monsieur Eaton, but he was afraid he might offend him and not get the opportunity for another jersey as a replacement.

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